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Colorful toucan.


Chapel-in-the-Clouds with mist descending

In the late 1860s the Rev. Raynard, under the most difficult circumstances, built St. Saviour's Church in the frontier gold-rush town of Barkerville, British Columbia. It stands to this day in testament to his heroic and outstanding abilities.

The towerAlmost 100 a hundred years later I (J.H.) came across the (almost) ghost-town of Barkerville while prospecting in the surrounding mountains. Chapel-in-the-Clouds is a private chapel built in similar true pioneer style to St. Saviour's and dedicated in memory of the Rev. Raynard.

It is a place for spiritual rumination – a haven of peace and sanctity in these deeply troubled times. Non-denominational, it is open to all with or without religious beliefs. The early morning sun rising over the mountains strikes the chapel sending an effulgence of colour reflected from the surrounding flower gardens. At other times it is enveloped in swirling mists and barely visible – hence its name.

The extensive flower and water gardens that form part of the chapel comprise thousands of flowers of every colour, in bloom 365 days a year – a truly halcyon and portentous setting. A true delight to visitors is the amazing network of gardens, the likes of which are not seen anywhere else in Costa Rica. Full-time gardeners are constantly maintaining and extending the breathtaking panorama and vista. Many truly wonderful orchids are present in the gardens and surrounding forest.

Freedom from Tyranny and Opression – Milieu Apropos of Ethereal PortentThe 3-storey tower attached to the chapel houses the organ, the Victory Academy of Horse Sense, and a lookout with sweeping views of the surrounding mountains and gardens.

Chapel-in-the-Clouds can host services and marriage ceremonies in a setting unlike any other - both religious and civil. (You need only your passport to get married in simple frontier style in the chapel.)

The poem on the rotulo by the pond under the chapel was used by S.O.E. agent Violette Szabo as her code behind enemy lines in WWII. It became popular after featuring in the 1958 film 'Carve Her  Name With Pride'. Violette Szabo was executed by the Nazis in February 1945 at the age of just 24, leaving a 3-year old daughter. Its use is appropriate today when patriotic servicemen and women are laying down their lives unaware that they have been duped by mendacious government and leaders with their own agenda.

The life that I have is all that I have
And the life that I have is yours
The love that I have of the life that I have
Is yours and yours and yours

A sleep I shall have, a rest I shall have
Yet death will be but a pause
For the peace of my years in the long green grass
Will be yours and yours and yours

Chapel-in-the-Clouds is a reflection of times past – when life was simpler, more meaningful, and less hurried.

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Marriages and Services by arrangementChapel gardens.Bell tower standing as guardian and sentinel over the distant mountains

Inside Chapel-in-the-Clouds at night.Inside Chapel-in-the-Clouds at night.

Students and teachers in Chapel for lesson.The Life that I HaveSouth side of Chapel

The building of, and inspiration behind, Chapel-in-the-Clouds

Our picturesque chapelIt was under the most difficult circumstances that, in 1854, the Rev. Raynard built St. Saviour's Church in the gold-rush town of Barkerville, British Columbia. He was determined to open for services on Christmas Day, and did so with no roof and deep snow on the floor. The stains of the snow on the walls can be seen to this day. I have visited Barkerville many times and taken many groups there during my adventure tours of British Columbia. St. Saviour's is an inspiration.

The building of Chapel-in-the-Clouds, which took me 12-months working almost every day without leaving the site, was also under difficult circumstances. It was started in the rainy season (a particularly wet one!) and rained for about eighty days out of the first ninety. The steeply sloping site of about 40-degrees also made working arduous and greatly influenced the design, character, and visual appearance. Although the chapel is small and intimate by intent – it seats 24, with a further 10 or more standing - it covers five storeys from the lower level with font and fountains up to the three-storey tower. Oxen and packhorses were used extensively for hauling materials and the wood was sawn on site from trees that came down in an avalanche 18-months earlier. Cedar shingles were used exclusively for the roof. The chapel dominates the gardens and ponds fronting it, and the bell tower acts as a beacon and sentinel over the distant hills.

Water gardens surround Chapel-in-the-CloudsThe creation of Chapel-in-the-Clouds has been through a series of events, amazing 'coincidences', and circumstances that perhaps can best be described as 'out of this world'. I have no doubt that my hand was guided throughout, often in the strangest way. There is a reason why Chapel-in-the-Clouds is where it is, why I was 'chosen' to build it, the frontier style of construction, the time of building, even down to the poem ensconsed in the gardens beneath the Chapel. I cannot say where this predetermined course of events will lead or what the ultimate explication will be, but I don't doubt that it will be shortly forthcoming and may well be something of a revelation - an enlightening and astonishing efficacy.

While the Rev. Raynard held his first service at St Saviour's without a roof, in freezing temperatures, and with snow on the floor, Chapel-in-the-Clouds was inaugurated as the sun rose over the mist-covered mountains, the first rays of light striking the cross, amidst a backdrop of dramatic proportions.


Not only have there been exceptional and singular experiences during the construction of the chapel, but since its completion, visitors, almost without exception, have expressed an awareness of a strange 'energy' and calmness that comes over them, not experienced elsewhere. This calming effect, coupled with spiritual resonance, can help people to overcome issues of all kinds where other modern 'treatments' invariably fail.

At the end of the dayMany people today are afflicted with problems – drugs, alcohol, obesity, depression, anxiety – which cannot be cured or controlled by (dangerous and addictive) drugs or expensive therapies - but the simple powers here can have a long-term positive influence.

For this reason, although Chapel-in-the-Clouds is on a private estate, the owners nevertheless realise that the unusual therapeutic powers here should be available to others.

At Highland Heritage, there is an overwhelming feeling of being beyond the affairs of this world, where the present is ample and dreams can become reality. Those lucky enough to have visited keep their precious experiences in their mind like a souvenir album – and in the city during one of those smoke-choked polluted days, they can close their eyes and drift back to where things are different, where it's pure, clean and quiet.

John Howard

This spectacular mountain estate in Costa Rica (2 1/2 hours south of Miami) is now open to those who want to benefit from the many powers, therapies, magical energy and real frontier adventures here, by special arrangement with the Highland Heritage Landmark Trust which administers the property, maintains it – especially the frontier chapel – in perpetuity.


A chapel especially built by the Hand of God …
for a very special purpose



Download NOW the FREE book on this incredible story

What is the mystery surrounding the chapel? Why was it created, and for what purpose? This great adventure and mystery ends with the final piece of the puzzle, 7 years to the day it all started.

Find out the extraordinary story of the chapel and why the builder was told – “One day this will become the most famous chapel in the world” – and what it means for you.

The sky turned black and the heavens opened up. For 14-days and 14-nights it rained … then a thunderous crash and the side of a mountain came down … followed by a raging torrent bringing with it huge trees, hundreds of them, uprooted by the ferocity – especially delivered for the construction of the chapel …

Here starts the extraordinary saga of Chapel-in-the-Clouds at the Lost World deep in the mountains and jungle of Central America … built to specific instructions from on high.

This is a story and succession of mystical ‘happenings’ and preternatural phenomena so extraordinary and prodigious that they are hard to believe, but well documented and chronicled …

NOW you can download the large format e-book FREE of charge – 123 pages with over 150 color pictures of the Lost World and everything surrounding Chapel-in-the-Clouds and what it means for you.

We are not seeking any information from you and this download is anonymous.

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The most exquisite and wondrous setting
full of
Magic and Mystery
– For Very Special People –

If you are no ordinary person – want a wedding in an enchanted place that is different – followed by a honeymoon extraordinaire … perhaps to ride away into the magical mists of Neverland

Or just want a simple, meaningful wedding without all the paraphernalia that usually 'has' to go with it, in a bewitching frontier chapel, where time has stood still and dreams can still become reality …

While you can get married anywhere – in a million different places – where else amidst a hundred magical waterfalls, huge trees, rushing rivers, vibrant orchids, tropical plants, natural springs and a wide range of wildlife and colorful birds. And with a temperate mountain climate as near perfect as you can possibly get, where better for a true frontier-style wedding that will arouse the passions and adrenaline in any red-blooded person?

It's not everyone who wants to make the adventurous journey just to reach The Place that Time Forgot … bumping along a rough track for a journey of some two hours by jeep deep into the jungle and mountains but those who do are rewarded with a discovery and happening that captures their very soul.

An entire estate and staff just for YOU!
Be Romeo & Juliet in your own kingdom for a week

To make your wedding (or other service) especially memorable you will have the whole Place that Time Forgot just to yourselves, and everything within the entire 1,000 acre estate. Over 1,000 movies in the cosy library for evenings … the pub – The Bucket of Blood - just for you … the Chapel radiating its wonderful powers … horses to ride to the Lost World and Neverland … guides to take you anywhere you want to go – to waterfalls, mountains, special places … thermal waters that can be the temperature you want at any time (great for a buck's fizz while watching the sun rise over the mountains) … visit monkeys in the rainforest (if they haven't already come around by themselves) … a campfire at a cabin in the woods by candlelight … bathing underneath a huge waterfall, with hot towels warmed by a fire waiting for you … and so much more.

Where else can you get this pure 'natural' magic?

Proposal of marriage in Victory Thermal Wellsprings.Proposals, weddings, renewal of wedding vows … and more

The first 'ceremony' to be held at The Place that Time Forgot was for a couple who came from Canada/USA so that he could propose (which was accepted!). The chapel – and anywhere on the estate – can be a unique setting for any kind of ceremony, from a marriage proposal … to a wedding … to the renewal of vows … to a memorial service … to dedications. The remarkable events that have taken place in the chapel (and surrounds) attaches to anything that takes place here giving it more meaning than anywhere else we know.

A memorable honeymoon in The Cottage that Time Forgot
… but love remembered

Where better to honeymoon than in The cottage that Time Forgot … and, you won't have that hassle of packing and traveling which, today, can be a curse at a time when you least want it. The cottage is but a short walk from the chapel, and you will have this delightful and entrancing cottage with all the ambience to go with a special frontier wedding all to yourselves. The cottage has fabulous views over the surrounding mountains, colourful gardens and water features – monkeys sometimes swing by and stare through the windows.

A wedding you can afford

Why run-up a huge bill for a wedding … or go into debt … or have your family go into debt? Overblown and pretentious weddings do not have any real meaning except, perhaps, to show off or 'keep up with the J…'s'. But, here your 'simple' wedding will literally blow away all others, as your photos will show, to the envy of everyone – a million dollar wedding, absolutely – and like no other!

Religious or otherwise – any service of your choice

It does not matter what your religious beliefs are … or if you have none. Chapel-in-the-Clouds is non-denominational and can equally be used for a civil wedding as can anywhere and any other setting on the estate. There is an open welcome for all.

You can have any kind of service that you want – even write it yourself and let your imagination wander. Music can be anything you choose – within reason in the chapel.

Horses with floral garlands waiting at the Chapel for bride and groom.Beautiful wild flowers from the misty mountains

We do not know what it costs for 'flowers for a wedding' these days, but we can imagine. For any service here we can provide wildflowers that are more of a delight than anything that can be bought. Early in the morning our crew will gather flowers from high up in the misty mountainsides to adorn the chapel – or anywhere else – and others to make garlands for the horses and whatever other ideas you may have.

You and your wedding remembered forever
in a special way

Details of all ceremonies will be entered in special leather-bound volumes permanently maintained for all time in the House of Sempiternal (everlasting) Memories – your great-great-grandchildren will be able to see them in a hundred years' time! And, it will have real meaning – the way it is saved and stored amidst spectacular flower gardens, as opposed to the 'electronic' memories shared with a billion other people that lack any real meaning.

Lasting memories can also be created with photos in other locations – by waterfalls, cascading rivers, mammoth trees, stunning orchids, etc. Time is not important here so you can have all the time in the world to create wonderful and everlasting memories.

Guests and friends

The Place that Time Forgot is not a tourist place and was created as a wonderful private estate – now administered by a Heritage Trust. Thus, it does not have anything resembling the ugly face of tourism.

Ideally it is for special people who appreciate the natural world (it is a registered nature reserve) and prefer being in small groups far from the madding crowd. As such, often it is the couple only for a simple ceremony, but if you want to have a few guests/friends then we can cater for them equally as well.

A special association

The Place that Time Forgot is a very special and unique place, and by having a ceremony here, or even just a stay, you will begin what can be and become a lifelong association with somewhere the likes of which doesn't exist any more. The mystery and mystique that surrounds it, the reasons for its very existence, the strange and mysterious powers, and the important role it has to play in future events … you can be part of it all for, to us, you are not just a person who comes here, to be later forgotten, but someone who will remain here and with us forever.


One final word: If you are in the public eye, we are very much old-school and believe in absolute confidentiality, privacy, and honor. The Place that Time Forgot, for a number of reasons, is a secure environment, and if you want absolute secrecy this is one of the (very) few places you will find it. So, if you prefer that nobody knows what you do here, we can guarantee sub rosa ('under the rose,' as an emblem of secrecy). If needed, we can also provide a licensed, armed bodyguard, to accompany you all the way in.

Complete assistance from beginning to end

Bouquets of wildflowers from misty mountain slopes.One of the great attractions of The Place that Time Forgot is its location – nestled way back in the mountains, far away from anywhere – a Lost World. But this great attraction also makes it a little difficult to get to – all part of the adventure and a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

Thus, for important events it is better that we arrange to have someone meet you at your hotel in San Jose (or elsewhere) and organize all the transport – to co-ordinate with horses awaiting your arrival to bring you the last stretch on the Adventure Trail.

And, in case you are thinking that all this is expensive … no it isn't.

You can make The Place that Time Forgot your centerpiece for a wedding and your total wedding package with wedding, honeymoon, everything included from San Jose back to San Jose including 6-days at The Place that Time Forgot exclusively for your use with dedicated staff, etc can be less that $5,000. (Does not include lawyers fees for legal documents). If you want something very simple without the whole estate then there are many very modestly priced options. Ask for details.

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